Latest Release Our Patient Journey Demonstrator moves to Windows Azure and now includes a DICOM medical imaging viewer!
May 2010

The Patient Journey Demonstrator has moved to Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. As part of this update, we have incorporated a Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) viewer in the Secondary Care angiogram scenario. DICOM is a standard for the handling, storage, and transmission of medical imaging information. There are important caveats attached to this viewer, so users are advised to review the caveat information using the “Show Guide” button in the upper-right corner.

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The Microsoft Health Common User Interface Patient Journey Demonstrator is a vehicle for Microsoft thought leadership in state-of-the-art user experience for healthcare applications. It provides exemplar implementations of Microsoft Health CUI guidance on a Microsoft platform.
It is our showcase for new ideas, experimentation and an artifact for learning and thinking about future developments of Microsoft Health CUI. Please note that the Demonstrator is not exposed to the same level of research and patient safety testing as published guidance.
Clinical scenario
The Patient Journey Demonstrator conceptualizes an end-to-end journey using a specific clinical scenario to illustrate how an integrated, patient-centric care record can transition seamlessly between care settings. It demonstrates how data can be accessed and entered from many of the care sources experienced along the patient journey.
In this scenario, a man with suspected heart disease is examined by his family doctor. Using decision support tools, his doctor decides that the best course of action is to refer him for further tests. The scenario tracks the activities that take place from the initial consultation, through secondary care to an Angiogram.
See the full script.
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Watch the Demonstrator video
Watch the Patient Journey Demonstrator video in the Silverlight player below, or download the .wmv file.

Using the Patient Journey Demonstrator
Main navigation bar
Use the main navigation bar at the top of the screen to jump to any stage within the current demonstrator.
The ‘Show Guide’ overlay
The ‘Show Guide’ button reveals an overlay showing on-screen tips and links to Microsoft Health CUI guidance and controls.

A picture of the Show Guide button located in the top right corner of each demonstrator

Recommended operating systems and browsers
  • Windows 7 with
    Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome 4
  • Windows Vista with
    Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Windows XP SP3 with
    Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3
  • Mac OS X with
    Safari 4
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